EnergyWorks for Wellness

Mary Sassone
Energy Artisan and Pain Relief Specialist

My Beloved Boy Rocco

Services Offered

In Person & Remote
New Client Package includes:

Activation Checklist and Intake
A 75-Minute Personalized Energy Medicine Activation
Wellness Review & Action Plan
New Clients get $25 off their first session (Limited Time)

Returning In Person & Remote Session:
Wellness Update
60-Minute Personalized Energy Medicine Activation
Review & Action Plan

Remote Healing for Animal Companions:
One Pet - 30 Minute Remote Healing Activation $65

Money Saving Packages

Enjoy Three 60 Minute In Person or Remote Sessions
Only $395 (Save $55)
Enjoy Within 60 Days of Purchase

Animal Companion Remote Healing Package
Pamper Your Pet with Three 30 Minute Sessions
$165 (Save $30)
Enjoy Within 60 Days of Purchase

What Others Are Saying

Working with Mary has been an absolutely amazing experience. I had neck pain for years after two neurosurgeries. In one remote session with Mary, the pain was gone. I am a bit stunned myself as I thought I'd have to live with it forever. Mary is so talented I'm telling everyone about her. She also does remote healing work on all my animals.
-Karen Anderson - Pet loss Specialist and Animal Communicator

Some people choose energy work, but others are chosen. I think this describes Mary. She is open and intuitive which is a perfect combination for a healer. She honors her gifts, and in doing so we all benefit greatly. -Janet Sharp

Mary Sassone is a talented practitioner and wonderful human. I met her while teaching a class in Energy Medicine, and was immediately struck by the authenticity she brought to both the class and our conversation. That was 5 years ago, and I have seen Mary grow into a gifted and dedicated practitioner. Anyone who works with her will feel safe, deeply heard, and definitely enriched by the experience. - Marjorie Fein - LMT, EEM-AP

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